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How To Put More Money In Your Pocket Today: A Military Personal Finance Boot Camp™ (This is Peter’s most popular program!)

Presented at bases all over the world to every branch of the US Armed Forces, Peter helps our servicemembers navigate their financial futures. Peter is intimately familiar with military changes and challenges, including the GI Bill, REDUX, HAP, SDP, and many others.

In this high energy presentation, Peter will point out the resources on base (even inviting base financial counselors to stand and be recognized.) He’ll explain how servicemembers get paid in “stuff”- free legal advice, complimentary financial counseling, tax free housing- and how they can use this perks to their financial advantage. Past commands have noted that after Peter leaves, attendance at future financial workshops increases and the appointment books of financial counselors rapidly begin to fill up.

Train the Trainer: How Officers and Senior Enlisted Can Motivate Their Servicemembers To Make Smart Financial Choices.

Frustrated when hard earned combat pay is spent on a new car with an 18% interest rate? Upset that servicemembers are not taking full advantage of their TSP? While officers and senior enlisted have authority over their commands with regards to military affairs, they have no such authority when it comes to the financial affairs of the individual servicemember. What can be done?

In this workshop aimed exclusively at command leadership, Peter shares the tips he has picked up from speaking at over dozens of commands all over the world. Gathering strategies from all ranks, Peter summarizes what works and what doesn’t. Officers and senior enlisted will leave with proven strategies they can use to help those they oversee.

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