Independent Schools


Independent Schools

Wealth Educators International delivers financial education seminars to independent schools through one of two programs:

Full Program: (3 Days):

  • 2 General Sessions or 2 Student Sessions (or one of each) 
  • Up to 15 Independent Education Sessions or Classroom Visits

Pilot Program: (1 Day)

  • 1 General Session or 1 Student Session 
  • Up to 4 Independent Education Sessions 

All seminars are taught by Peter Bielagus. Programs can consist of the following types of sessions and each school may customize their program based on their needs:

  • 90 minute faculty and staff general session: Peter presents a broad overview of current financial issues and opportunities that apply specifically to faculty and staff in the independent and boarding school arena.
  • 60 minute student session: Peter presents his high energy “Jumpstart Your Personal Finances” session to students (presented at high schools, colleges and military bases over 60 times per year.)
  • Classroom visits: Peter can visit classrooms if a school wide presentation isn’t feasible.
  • 90 minute Independent Education Session (IES): Peter sits with Faculty and staff members (and their spouse) for a one on one session to discuss their financial strategy. 30 days after an IES participants will receive a 7-10 page customized written action plan.