Please note: Peter is a bureau friendly speaker. If you have a preferred speaker’s bureau, please contact them. We welcome their professional participation in making your next event a success. There is no difference in Peter’s fee whether you book through our company or your preferred speaker’s bureau.

Remember Peter is the ALL DAY SPEAKER!

Many speakers have a higher fee for their all day programs. Not Peter. With every one of his programs, Peter stays on campus the ENTIRE DAY for the benefit of your students. Peter’s mission is to change as many financial lives as possible when he comes to campus. He realizes that it is sometimes difficult to get a bunch of students in one place, so Peter is willing to go to them. He’ll visit classrooms, meet with student organizations, even conduct faculty programs.

How To Put More Money In Your Pocket Today: A College Personal Finance Boot Camp™ (This is Peter’s most popular program!)

Money management problems are now the number one reason students drop out of college. Many that do graduate often find themselves with so much debt, that their career choice cannot support the payments. Colleges and universities are under increasing pressure to retain students and make sure they are financially prepared to meet their student loan obligations. Peter can help.

Presented over 500 times at colleges all over the country, Peter leads students on a hilarious tour of the money maze. In this interactive program (yes, students are encouraged to use their cell phones during the presentation) Peter serves up a bunch of “start now” strategies that help students manage their debt, control their spending, protect their identities and increase their credit scores, all without ever getting a credit card.

How To Put More Money In Your Pocket Today: (Faculty Version)

Since Peter is an all day speaker, why not offer an additional program for your faculty and staff? Peter has been offering this additional program since he began speaking seven years ago. Often the attendance rivals that of the student programs!