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Why Bother?

Why Bother? How the World’s Worst Pick Up Line Changed My Financial Life and How It Can Change Your’s Too! $17.95 each. (For bulk orders please call 603-606-5685)

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Leadership and Money

The Leadership and Money Movement is a motivated community of parents and students who are excited to learn real-life strategies for greater success. The Movement’s goal is to empower parents and students to make smart choices in college with a focus on leadership and money management. When you purchase a 1 year family membership, you receive:

  • Access to a parents only Facebook Group.

  • Access to a students only Facebook Group.

  • Monthly coaching calls for both students and parents.

  • Monthly newsletter.

  • Access to our video success library with over 100 videos! (Everything from renting an apartment to building credit and more!)

A 1 year family membership is only $147, but use promo code “college” and get an entire year membership for HALF OFF! Only $73!