The Peter Bielagus Channel is all about making finance fun. I'm a financial author and educator and for the past 9 years I have traveled the world teaching personal finance. Now (finally) it's time to start sharing on youtube. My vanguard show, Money In The Movies™, reviews films for their financial accuracy and serves up a financial lesson from each movie. My follow up show, Money In The Movies™ Second Reel, takes a topic discussed in a Money In The Movies™ episode and goes a bit deeper in detail. I'll soon be launching another, non movie show, called Money Misconceptions, where I smash all the commons myths we have about money. In short all the shows have just three goals. #1. Entertain. #2. Enlighten. #3. Enrich. So thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy and I hope you finish every show a little bit happier, a little bit wiser, and a little bit richer.

Money in the Movies

An entertaining look at the use of finance in popular cinema. Peter covers movies popular in today's culture and debunks many of the myths about how these characters interact with their money.

Can Bruce Wayne really do that? I know he's rich but that seems off... Find out here!

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Speaking Engagements

A collection of videos covering several speaking engagements. Get a first hand look at what Peter's presentation style and talks are like.

Peter comes with expertise in talking with groups of all kinds in matters of finance that apply to the audience.

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Quick Money Tips

Only have a minute? Check out some brief videos on fundamentals that will greatly improve your future investing strategy.

Want the biggest bang for the buck (in terms of time spent)? Look no further, you've found it in the Quick Money Tips playlist.

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