Who is this guy?


For over a decade now, Peter Bielagus (pronounced Bill-a-gus) has been educating Americans about their personal finances. A former fee only financial advisor, Peter now travels the globe delivering keynotes and workshops at colleges, corporations, independent schools and to all branches of the United States Military.  He has spoken in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Central America, the Middle East, and in 49 of the 50 U.S. States.  (Missing Alaska.)  He has even delivered talks on military ships at sea. Peter is the author of three books on personal finance and entrepreneurship.  A frequent guest of the media, Peter has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, PBS, USA Today and many other media outlets.  Recently, he developed his own Youtube show, Money In The Movies®, a personal finance show that uses our favorite movies to teach financial lessons.  

Peter Bielagus


  • It takes a special gift to motivate students, but that is exactly what Peter is able to do as he "works" the crowd. His flexible style is suited to any audience and he knows how to engage them with the simplest questions.

      Ellie G. Cochran, Director of Community Relations, The Derryfield School
  • Hey Peter, My name is John, I saw your presentation last night and I thought it was great. I just wanted to tell you a little story real quick. Well last night before you spoke, my friends and I were only going to go because our teacher told us if we write a paper on what you talked about we could receive extra credit. Although after your talk I didn't even care about the extra credit any more because I came away with so much information. I had no idea what a Fico score was. I just wanted to thank you for taking time to talk to all of us. I also can't wait to read your book. Thank you again.

       John B., Student,
    Wesley College, Dover, Delaware
  • I was in the financial advising/investment field for over 40 years and the one thing I heard from every single one of my clients was, "I wish I started earlier." Peter's generation is lucky to have him out there, teaching the financial tools that other generations never had. There's no doubt in my mind, his message is a must.

       Ernie Faminghetti, Former Manager of the billion-dollar New England Trust Fund